Creative and Clever DIYs to Store Jewelry

We scoured the internet in search for the best ways to store jewelry. Below we listed some of our favorites. Creative and clever, these ideas can be tweaked a little (or a lot) to fit the individual’s needs and aesthetics.

  1. Tree branch jewelry hanger: The natural element and the simplicity of this hack make it one of our favorite way to store jewelry. All you need is a tree branch, some glue and some creativity to transform something simple into a functional and unique jewelry hanger. Personalize it and make it yours by choosing a larger and unique branch, and go the extra mile by paint spraying it. (via Notey)Jewelry-Tree-Display22416_2_1200px
  2. Picture Frame Jewelry Holder: We find one of the best ways to hang your jewelry onto any wall is via a picture frame. That way, you create an aesthetically pleasing group of objects without drilling multiple holes into your wall. This especially works out well for collage students or renters. Our tip is to search for picture frames at thrift shops and then give it a coat of new paint. Then proceed to hammer several nails or hooks into the frame, you can spray paint these as well to give it a uniform look. (via monaluna )Jewel-5-Frame
  3.  Hung tree branch jewelry holder: This DIY is simple yet chic, it doubles as a piece of art on your wall.
    What you need: a large tree branch, spray paint, wire, some nails.
    Obtain your favorite tree branch and proceed to spray paint it with your favorite color. In the example below, silver was used. Position it anywhere on your wall to have a feel of how you want it to lay. With a pencil, mark on the wall the top and bottom of the tree branch. Put in two nails there and process to secure the branch onto the walls with some metal wires.
    TIPS: the more smaller branches it has, the better it is to hang and take out what you need.
    108954-Diy-Tree-Branch-Jewelry-Holder (1)
  4. Cutlery jewelry tray: transform a simple cutlery tray into your personalized jewelry tray by painting it your color of choice. You can put it into drawers and stack multiples to create your own jewelry storage system.
    Hanging up the tray is another option if you have enough wall space. You can nail in extra hooks to hang more necklaces and earrings in one slot as shown below. (detail instructions here)Best-Ways-to-Organize-Jewelry-at-Home

Our favorite ways to accessorize with statement necklaces

turquoise jewelry collection statementbaubles -2

Our obsession with statement jewelry continues, and today we are sharing with you some of our favorite ways to accessorize with statement necklaces.

1. Classic crystal statement necklace styling with chunky sweaters, skinny jeans, and heels


There is something unique about the look muted chunky knitted sweater juxtaposed with a glam statement necklace.  It looks chic, put together, but at the same time effortless. Pair the outfit with skinny jeans and heels and you are ready to head out the door and feel confident to conquer anything. Be it a hot pink sweater or dark oxblood, the incorporation a statement necklace adds instant sophistication.

Classy crystal necklace over a hot pink knitted sweater and a button up shirt.



Crystal statement necklace over Oxblood cable knit sweater



A simple white knitted sweater paired with an antique gold crystal encrusted statement necklace


2. Bright and bold statement necklace + a neutral top + cardigan or blazer

If you are a person who prefers to spend little time to get ready, yet still want to look put together, this look definitely helps. Start with a basic solid-colored top, layer over it your cardigan or blazer of your choice. If you are heading to a quick-lunch with your girlfriends, pair with skinny jeans. If it’s a date night or special event, pair with a fancy skirt.

Add a bold statement necklace (see our collection) to complete your look !

Below are some of our favorite examples :

Basic black top + marled cardigan + crystal floral statement necklace










Grey marled basic top + White blazer + Multicolored floral statement necklace (similar)


Grey basic top + white blazer + dark washed skinny jeans  + Neon bright necklace

Grey basic top + white blazer + dark washed skinny jeans + Neon Hand-painted Statement Necklace


Burgundy turtleneck knit top + Grey open cardigan + Plaid pencil skirt + Antique crystal statement necklace

Styling Tips & Guide: How to Wear Statement Necklaces

Source / Similar Crystal Floral Necklace
Statement necklaces are pretty self-explanatory, they make statements! They add instant interest to your outfit and elevate it to a new level. Simply add a bauble bib on top of your favorite shift dress and heels gives the illusion that you really put effort to look like a million bucks.
Here are a few of our tips to styling your statement baubles so effortlessly and expertly that strangers will stop you to ask “Where did you get that necklace ?”

The Versatile Crystal Statement Necklaces

A good clear crystal statement necklace is a must-have item in your jewelry collection. The glass crystal stones make them easy to style and will glam up any ensembles on any occasion.
  • Pair it with a chambray shirt and skinny jeans or pencil skirt for a girl’s night out or Sunday brunch. Bold red lips complement this look so well and amp up the glamour factor by a thousand!
  •  A clear crystal statement necklace means you can still go crazy with the rest of your outfit. Let it be a bright red dress or daisy print shirt, the possibility is endless.
  • Last but not least, a beautiful sparkling crystal statement necklace is the perfect accessory for any brides/bridesmaids! They are classy and look extra glamorous in photos!
    Image Source / Bridal Crystal Flower Statement Necklace

    Image Source / Bridal Crystal Flower Statement Necklace

The Neon Bauble Necklaces

  • Another must-have for your jewelry collection as they add the perfect pop of color to any outfit. Whether it is a gray gloomy morning or sunny day, the vibrant and saturated hues instantly lift your mood.
  • The key to styling neon necklaces expertly is to keep your tops neutral colored or monochromatic. Tie your look together with neon pants, shorts, skirts, or neon pumps.
  • Feeling lazy? Add this statement bib over layered tank tops and v-necks and still look polished and put together.

The Multicolored Statement Necklaces

  • In order to allow these statement stunners to shine in their best ways, keep the background clean and simple. I.e. pair them with simple, solid-colored tops.
  • Busy prints will clash and distract your eyes away from the jewelry.
  • To tie the look together, choose your bottoms to have the same color as the stone color that the necklace has.
  • The best thing about these necklaces is that they can dress up any look. You can wear dark jeans with a simple v-neck with a statement necklace, and still, look fabulous.

The Choker Statement Necklaces

  • Choker necklaces are super trendy, and well adorned by celebs! We think choker statement necklaces are trickier to style as they can make your neck look short. We think they look best when worn with a plunging neckline, strapless dresses.Silver choker
Below are a few of our current favorite choker statement necklaces. Check these stunners out!
We hope you enjoy this guide to style your statement necklaces! If you have any tips, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below!
Stay gorgeous!