5 natural remedies for a healthy liver


The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. It performs multiple vital functions to help our bodies stay heathy. It supports almost all organs and thus it is vital for survival. However, because of this, the liver is an easy target for diseases. Taking care of your liver today will play an important role in keeping healthy.

#1 Hibiscus 

In a clinical trial, Hibiscus sabdariffa extracts is found to have a “metabolic-regulating” and protecting potential to the liver. Consumption of HSE can “reduce obesity, abdominal fat, serum FFA and improved liver steatosis”.

Hibiscus can be found in a variety of teas readily available at your supermarket. It can also be found as a liquid and capsule form. A search on Amazon will yield many results along with buyers’ reviews. Moreover, hibiscus can also treat hypertension (high blood pressure) and hyperlipidemia and reduce systolic blood pressure.

#2 Bitter melons (Koimidori variety)

The Department of Biochemistry and Applied Biosciences of the University of Miyazaki, Japan found bitter melon, especially the koimidori variety to exhibit activities of lowering triglycerides which will help decrease risks of fatty liver diseases. (Higher triglycerides result in less fat removed from your blood stream).

Tip: Bitter melons can be found at most asian supermarkets. They can be sautéed, made into soups, curried Indian-style, stuffed with your favorite stuffing and then steamed… If it is your first time having bitter melons, this guide will help ease your way.

#3 Garlic

If you drink a lot of alcohol, you will hurt your liver as it has to work extra hard to get it out of your blood.
Researchers at the Annamalai University through research concludes that oral consumption of raw garlic will “increase the antioxidant status against liver oxidative stress”, thus protects liver tissue damage. They found that garlic also significantly lowered the activities of liver marker enzymes, which are usually high for damaged liver.

Tip: If you do not like the idea of consuming a raw clove of garlic, try adding it in your everyday cookings. Garlic works best when it’s not cooked as allicin is destroyed by heat. Below are a few recipes which utilize raw garlic and taste amazing.

  • Salsa (cubes of red onions, green peppers, jalapeños, pineapples, chopped cilantro, … )
  • Guacamole (mashed avocado, onions, cilantro …)
  • Pasta sauce
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Pesto sauce (basil, cheese, olive oil, pine nuts, garlic… )

Garlic makes all your food creations taste extra good and adds tons of flavors.

#4 Lemon peels

Researchers in the 2005 edition of BMC Pharmacology found hesperidin in lemon peels to show the ability to protect livers from damage.

Lemons are readily available year round at your local supermarkets. They tend to cost more during colder months, however, the benefits of lemons will sure be worth it.

Tip: Slice up some lemons and add to your water. Grate lemon peels and add to dishes such as pastas, sauces, bakeries, grilled meat … for refreshing taste and amazing health benefits.

#5 Papaya Leaf

Researchers have found Petroleum Ether in papaya leaf to be a strong antioxidant and cytoprotectant against oxidative stress of the liver. As papaya leaf are not usually readily available to many people, there is liquid and capsule forms available for sale.

As always, do your own research and consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

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