Creative and Clever DIYs to Store Jewelry

We scoured the internet in search for the best ways to store jewelry. Below we listed some of our favorites. Creative and clever, these ideas can be tweaked a little (or a lot) to fit the individual’s needs and aesthetics.

  1. Tree branch jewelry hanger: The natural element and the simplicity of this hack make it one of our favorite way to store jewelry. All you need is a tree branch, some glue and some creativity to transform something simple into a functional and unique jewelry hanger. Personalize it and make it yours by choosing a larger and unique branch, and go the extra mile by paint spraying it. (via Notey)Jewelry-Tree-Display22416_2_1200px
  2. Picture Frame Jewelry Holder: We find one of the best ways to hang your jewelry onto any wall is via a picture frame. That way, you create an aesthetically pleasing group of objects without drilling multiple holes into your wall. This especially works out well for collage students or renters. Our tip is to search for picture frames at thrift shops and then give it a coat of new paint. Then proceed to hammer several nails or hooks into the frame, you can spray paint these as well to give it a uniform look. (via monaluna )Jewel-5-Frame
  3.  Hung tree branch jewelry holder: This DIY is simple yet chic, it doubles as a piece of art on your wall.
    What you need: a large tree branch, spray paint, wire, some nails.
    Obtain your favorite tree branch and proceed to spray paint it with your favorite color. In the example below, silver was used. Position it anywhere on your wall to have a feel of how you want it to lay. With a pencil, mark on the wall the top and bottom of the tree branch. Put in two nails there and process to secure the branch onto the walls with some metal wires.
    TIPS: the more smaller branches it has, the better it is to hang and take out what you need.
    108954-Diy-Tree-Branch-Jewelry-Holder (1)
  4. Cutlery jewelry tray: transform a simple cutlery tray into your personalized jewelry tray by painting it your color of choice. You can put it into drawers and stack multiples to create your own jewelry storage system.
    Hanging up the tray is another option if you have enough wall space. You can nail in extra hooks to hang more necklaces and earrings in one slot as shown below. (detail instructions here)Best-Ways-to-Organize-Jewelry-at-Home

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