Our favorite ways to accessorize with statement necklaces

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Our obsession with statement jewelry continues, and today we are sharing with you some of our favorite ways to accessorize with statement necklaces.

1. Classic crystal statement necklace styling with chunky sweaters, skinny jeans, and heels


There is something unique about the look muted chunky knitted sweater juxtaposed with a glam statement necklace.  It looks chic, put together, but at the same time effortless. Pair the outfit with skinny jeans and heels and you are ready to head out the door and feel confident to conquer anything. Be it a hot pink sweater or dark oxblood, the incorporation a statement necklace adds instant sophistication.

Classy crystal necklace over a hot pink knitted sweater and a button up shirt.



Crystal statement necklace over Oxblood cable knit sweater



A simple white knitted sweater paired with an antique gold crystal encrusted statement necklace


2. Bright and bold statement necklace + a neutral top + cardigan or blazer

If you are a person who prefers to spend little time to get ready, yet still want to look put together, this look definitely helps. Start with a basic solid-colored top, layer over it your cardigan or blazer of your choice. If you are heading to a quick-lunch with your girlfriends, pair with skinny jeans. If it’s a date night or special event, pair with a fancy skirt.

Add a bold statement necklace (see our collection) to complete your look !

Below are some of our favorite examples :

Basic black top + marled cardigan + crystal floral statement necklace










Grey marled basic top + White blazer + Multicolored floral statement necklace (similar)


Grey basic top + white blazer + dark washed skinny jeans  + Neon bright necklace

Grey basic top + white blazer + dark washed skinny jeans + Neon Hand-painted Statement Necklace


Burgundy turtleneck knit top + Grey open cardigan + Plaid pencil skirt + Antique crystal statement necklace

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